Having had numerous bad experiences with different escrow companies, I interviewed River Ridge Escrow Company. I made two requests. I wanted open lines of communication and a team attitude with each closing. "Can do", was the response I received. Since then, even challenging closings have been accomplished professionally and timely. River Ridge Escrow Company gives my office and agents a feeling of confidence with each closing.

Robert - Century 21


As a realtor you work hard to find your clients the property of their dreams, and the closing is the final step in managing a successful sale. We provide full escrow services so you can confidently place your clients in our care during the entire closing process. Rest assured that your clients will receive timely, thorough services to ensure an efficient close to your real estate sale.

Our services include the following:

  • Order buyers search for title opinion completion
  • Collect all buyer and seller invoices from the buyer and seller escrow companies
  • Prepare HUD-1 statements for final approval from all parties involved
  • Review all documents with the buyer and conduct the closing
  • Prepare and cut checks to disburse at closing
  • Forward deeds to the County Recorder and file Federal 1099-S forms
  • Deliver all final documents and title policies
  • Issue closing protection letters, commitments, and title policies as approved by Iowa Title Guaranty
  • Offer real estate attorney for consultation